The following are Frequently Asked Questions that we receive on a daily basis.

Q: Why was my manuscript not accepted for publishing?

A: Publishing companies do not publish every manuscript they receive. We prioritize on publishing manuscripts which speaks to our vision and mission which is to develop literature written in African languages, about African people and African societal issues, in an African context, by African writers and to revitalise the prestige of African languages by publishing books written in African languages by African writers.

Q: What is the best way to approach a publisher?

A: It is very important for writers to research the publishing company they plan on approaching, as the submission procedures and required materials for each publishing house differ. This will ensure you are submitting your work to a publisher who publishes the type of book you have written. Doing your research will save both you and the publisher time.

Q: Why does it take so long to get a book published?

A: Publishing companies go through an extensive process from the time they receive a manuscript to the time the manuscript is published. The tasks of developing the manuscript, editing, design and layout, and finally the printing; takes time. It is not an overnight process.

Q: If I self-publish, will the percentage of the profits be greater?

 A: It is important to consider that if an author chooses to self-publish, they will have to assume all the costs incurred in the publication process, including production, marketing, sales, and distribution.

Q: How much does it cost to publish a book?

A: There are many variables that affect the cost of publishing a book (colour, size, degree of editing, design, etc.). When an author publishes their book with a publishing company, they are normally paid a royalty (usually in South Africa it is a minimum of 1% to 15% depending on the genre and book demand in the market). Most booksellers are typically given a discount of 50% off the retail price, but not all booksellers.

Q: Is the author’s job done once the book is published?

A: No. It is important that authors make themselves available, to actively promote their book/s. Publishing is a difficult market, especially for new and unknown first-time authors. The author must be ready to work hard to promote their book together with the publisher and not wait for the publisher to market the book alone.