Injobo Ithungelwa Ebandla


IsiZulu Poetry book written by S.A Ndebele, S.A Ntombela

Published: 2018
Genre: IsiZulu Poetry
Price: R150 (ZAR)


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Injobo Ithungelwa Ebandla is an anthology about contemporary themes that need solutions. It introduces poems about challenges and concerns communities ought to debate on social networks, in churches, in schools, etc. with the aim of getting significant solutions. The authors of this anthology believe that there is no permanent problem if communities apply their minds together. That is why they have decided to introduce another strategy of dealing with many challenges that are increasing rapidly all over South Africa. It is an undisputable fact that different people have different perceptions about different things surrounding them. It is also a fact that there are those who fail to recognize many challenges even though they are exposed to them daily. One of the poets’ roles is to pinpoint and write about issues most people have never thought deeply about, even though they see them daily. That is why the authors of this anthology have chosen, among others, certain themes with the aim of letting communities think deeply about them. Most poems in this anthology divulge and provide reasons why certain things are problematic. By so doing, they are letting the readers’ minds continuously seek solutions. In short, this anthology presents another strategy for dealing with countless challenges South Africans are facing.