Publishing a Book

At Bhiyoza Publishers we publish literary books written in the indigenous African languages of South Africa i.e. isiZulu; isiXhosa; Sesotho; Sepedi; SeTswana; Xitsonga; Tshivenda; SiSwati and isiNdebele. However, we can still accommodate other authors who write in English but only 20% of English books can be published per year. We have a standard procedure that a manuscript goes through before it becomes a published book. Below is the list of procedures a manuscript goes through in the publishing process.

General procedures of manuscript screening:

  1. The author submits the manuscript to us via email.

The manuscripts must be sent to:

  • Once we have received the manuscript, we will then send the acknowledgment of receipt of the manuscript to the author.
  • We will review the manuscript and edit (editing process). This process normally takes us a minimum of one to three months due to a vast number of manuscripts we receive from different authors. Moreover, we have a queue. If the author submits his or her manuscript, we put the manuscript in the queue. One cannot submit today and expect the feedback the next day or sooner.
  • We give prompt feedback to the authors. The feedback is in two ways: it is either we accept the manuscript or we decline the manuscript. If we accept the manuscript, we will guide the author on what to correct and ask the author to send us back the manuscript once it is corrected or modified. But if we decline the manuscript, we will also explain and give reasons why we cannot publish it.
  • Once we receive the corrected manuscript from the author, we will then start with our publishing processes.

Publishing process

  1. The signing of a Book publishing Contract between the author and the publisher.
  2. Editing and Proofreading.
  3. ISBN and Title Reservation application (from National Library of South Africa).
  4. Barcode design.
  5. Book cover design
  6. Layout and typesetting
  7. Printing and distribution (print book and eBook formats).
  8. Marketing and sales